Separation or Divorce is one of the most difficult and stressful events BUT you don’t have to go through it alone. Let Laguna Legal assist you through this difficult time.
We have a $500 per month Payment Plan which includes the following and will continue until judgment is entered or final service is completed:
• 1st set of Divorce papers, case initiation
• 2nd set of Divorce papers, 30 days from when your spouse is served. We serve your spouse in our office at no charge. Additional cost of $150, if a process server is used to serve your spouse at home or office address.
• Trips to the court to file all documents
• Response paperwork — if needed
• Default Judgment — if needed
• Marital Settlement Agreement — if needed
• Mediation — one hour of mediation during 6 month minimum contract. Additional Mediation is offered at $500 per hour.
• Motion for a Court Order — if needed
• QDRO to distribute pre-taxed 401K/IRA account — if needed
• Interspousal Transfer Deed or Grant Deed — if needed
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