Probate is the judicial process that distributes a person’s assets after they die. The Probate Court takes an inventory of the deceased’s assets and liabilities and distributes those assets after paying any outstanding debts. In most states, probate is required even if there is a Will.   The probate process can take up to two years and costs thousands in fees.  If you want to avoid probate entirely to make things easier for your loved ones when you die, you can distribute your assets through a Revocable Living Trust.

How much does a Probate cost?

$500 per month until your process is completed.  This process takes between 6 month through 1 year.

The cost above does not include the filing fee of $435 plus any court reporting fees.  Filing fees are paid by check directly to the court at time of filing.

We are not attorneys.  We help you prepare and file all necessary paperwork and serve all interested parties.  We do not represent you in court.  You will need to attend the hearing on your own and represent yourself.

The entire probate process can be discussed in a consultation prior to engaging our services.  To schedule a consulation please contact our office (949) 497-9800.