Child Custody

The Custody Payment Plan of $500 per month includes the following and will continue until judgement is entered or final service is completed:

  • Motion for a court order
  • We serve your ex in our office at no charge. Additional cost of $150, if a process server is used to serve your spouse at home or office address (fee is per address ***If unsuccessful after 3 attempts there will be an additional charge of $150 to re-serve).
  • Trips to the court to file all documents
  • Response paperwork- if needed
  • Finding and Order After Hearing- if needed
  • Stipulation Settlement Agreement- if needed. This is drafted after both sets of financials are exchanged (Marriage contract dividing child custody or property or both *** Any changes to this document after the initial drafting will require a fee of $100.00, unless changes are made during scheduled meetings or scheduled mediation).
  • Mediation – One hour of mediation during 6 month minimum contract (Additional mediation is offered at $500 per hour)